The ASSA ABLOY Group is the global leader in access solutions and has leading positions in areas such as efficient door openings, trusted identities and entrance automation. ASSA ABLOY’s innovations enable safe, secure and convenient access to physical and digital places. The company is represented in both mature and emerging markets worldwide

BÖWE SYSTEC is one of the world’s leading suppliers of smart automation solutions. For over 70 years its products have streamlined and optimized work and production flows across a wide range of very different industries. Whether for inserting systems for classic transactional or direct mail applications, card processing solutions, letter or parcel sorting systems for modern mail processing centres, automation solutions for warehousing or serialization in the pharmaceutical industry, BÖWE technology plays a key role in numerous industries.

Cleveron creates robotics-based parcel terminals and last mile click and collect pickup solutions for retail and logistics sectors.

Doddle’s white-labelled technology enables your customers to collect & return their online shopping from the place that suits them best. Efficient, fast and flexible for consumers. Simple and cost effective for carriers & retailers. And greener, cleaner streets for us all.

Dronecloud is at the forefront of developments in the drone world, working to manage U-Space compliance in the European Union, LAANC capability in the US and UTM integration from multiple global organisations. For businesses aiming to better understand how drones can be integrated into their existing technical and commercial models, Dronecloud is here to help navigate what is possible today and how to plan for tomorrow.

Trusted by 35 posts worldwide, Escher is transforming the economics, speed and customer experience of post retail and logistics. With its unique software platform, purpose-built for profitably transforming customer engagement for posts, Escher supports billions of customer transactions across thousands of points of engagement, providing hundreds of tiered services within an optimized cost structure.

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 technology company that delivers industry specific solutions that include aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings and industry; and performance materials globally. Honeywell’s technologies help everything from aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers become more connected to make our world smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

WE ARE INVENTING AUTONOMOUS ROBOTS, that will easily slot into urban life, becoming an everyday sight. They will help you at work, at home, on the street: whizzing around next to you on the pavement, cleaning the streets so people don’t have to, delivering your parcels on time, and much, much more. Autonomous robots will change life as we know it. We want to be at the forefront of this revolution. AUTONOMOUS DELIVERY IS NOT A QUESTION OF IF, IT’S A QUESTION OF WHEN.

InPost is a leader in offering modern logistics services and the first company in Poland to create a network of Parcel Lockers – self-service parcel dispatch and collection points, open 24/7. Thanks to innovative technology, we have made it possible to receive parcels more conveniently, cheaper, and with environmental benefits.

iParcelBox is the leading smart, at-home parcel delivery locker that homeowners monitor and control from their smartphone. Our patent-pending technology is courier-agnostic and requires no back-end integration, bespoke apps or access codes/keys.

Kizy provides scalable and affordable tracking systems to companies in the logistics and supply chain industry. Kizy develops a platform for real-time global tracking, consisting of one of the world’s smallest autonomous enterprise hardware tracker, a cloud platform for real-time tracking and an open API. Kizy Tracking has customers worldwide, among them DHL, Asendia, Hellmann Logistics, Hertz and Frey Electronics.

KYBURZ Switzerland AG develops and produces high-quality electric vehicles for delivery companies, industrial companies, municipalities and private individuals. The 3-wheeled KYBURZ electric vehicles for postal delivery have become an integral part of the roadscape in many countries. KYBURZ is an international leader in high-quality mobility and transport solutions for the last mile

OpenNet.pl is a leading independent CEP and Logistics software provider in CEE with a proven and reliable track record of success. OpenNet.pl maintains the highest standards with over 15 years of experience in the logistics industry, where its software has been delivered to over 60 courier and logistic operators.

Paxster makes small electric vehicles for last mile delivery of e-commerce products, post, newspapers, take-away food and any other segment where fast and environmentally friendly delivery are criteria for success. Developing smarter products and services that raise your productivity, while reducing your environmental impact, lies at the heart of what Paxster does. Last mile solutions is Paxster’s business and its vehicles have proven to be a very suitable tool for efficient delivery – a tool which can contribute to solving some of your future last-mile logistics challenges

Pindora™ Oy is a technology company specialising in smart home devices and services through an interactive platform. The company has developed a family of products and services for easy and hassle free access control and property monitoring. Products enable remote management of apartment doors and street doors of buildings as well monitoring physical attributes inside the apartment for added comfort and security.

RAP is a manufacturer of electric vehicles for last mile delivery. These vehicles have been designed from the ground up for last mile urban transport sector. Vehicles are designed to have low environmental impact when compared to conventional combustion powered vehicles and can be more efficient due to their size and ease of access to the cabin.

SwipBox is a software company with a hardware solution that enables infrastructural innovation. With intelligent parcel lockers in more than 60 countries and deep networks in selected countries, SwipBox aims at increasing the convenience for end users. The highly intuitive SwipBox parcel lockers are designed and produced in Denmark and ensure ease of use for logistics providers and end users alike. From IT system integration with leading e-retailers to development of user interfaces, SwipBox creates solutions that match the needs of the user and the market.

Voltia is an electric vehicle solution provider for switching fleets from diesel to electric. Voltia helps to transition fleets into electric ones by offering the best in class all-electric urban delivery vans. Every vehicle on the road plays a role in air pollution, and every driver can help cut down emissions. Voltia is part of a larger, necessary societal and governmental shift toward a less polluted planet. Cleaner, greener cities are coming, and transportation has a key role to play.